Life Bases & Time Barriers


7 life bases are planned on the course. The passage and scoring of participants at these points will be mandatory.
On these life bases, it will be compulsory to contact the organization to validate the passage and it will be necessary to validate this passage before a time limit. All these life bases will have access to water and electricity and some will even have spaces to rest (see table below).


The organization is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of material or individual equipment during the race. On the bases of life noted "accommodation" a closed and secured bike park will be proposed to the teams. Checks and scores will be provided on the course, any participant who escapes a check will be automatically disqualified. Any drop Any change of bikes between competitors during the event is forbidden.

Each base of life on the course will propose to the participants some food but are not in any case complete meals which will be enough to supply you on the whole adventure. It is essential that you are almost autonomous on the course. The 2/3/4/6 life bases will offer each participant a hot snack and a place to rest. These BV are the most important of the course, so take the time to rest and regain your strength before setting off again.